The 1H Bow Dragonhunter Skill Build Guide for Gothic 2 Night Of The Raven

Here is a rough overview of how to skill your character in Gothic 2 if you want to become a mercenary and subsequently a Dragonhunter and focus on wielding one-handed weapons, as well as a bow. Your focus is going to be dexterity and the ultimate goal is going to he having a total of:

160 Dexterity
94% Bow-skill
150 Strength
100% One-Hand-Skill
As well as a bunch of needed skills for progression

The total level needed for this build is only level 48!

Overview of the stats learned and gained through other means

Strength (150):

Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5
10 Base35 Training10 Training11 Training01 Thekla’s Stew
02 Training01 Fire Stew12 brewed Strength elixirs
02 Dragonroot
04 Apples
01 Erol
04 Thekla’s Stew
09 Found & Bought Strength elixir
01 Stew (Jharkendar)
15 brewed Strength elixirs
22 Stone tables
10 Prayer
96 LP

Dexterity (160):

Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5
10 Base13 Training01 Goblin berries03 Goblin berries~20 Goblin berries*
47 Training02 Stone tables (Valley)06 Found & Bought Dex elixir04 Stone tables (Valley)
06 Stone tables (Khorinis)10 Prayer
12 Stone tables (Jharkendar)
01 Rengaru
06 found Dex elixiris
39 brewed Dex elixirs
102 LP

*Paladins have a chance of dropping Goblin berries or having them in their vendor inventory. You find a couple of dead Paladins in the valley, but you could theoretically kill or beat-up every single Paladin in the game for the maximum chance of getting berries, which is how you get to a number like that. If you do not do that, you should maybe get one or two on average.

1-handed weapon skill (90%+10% from weapon):

Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5
10 Base05 Southern Defense Art05 Training
10 Training34 Training03 Wulfgar
23 Stone tables

74 LP

Bow (94%):

Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4
10 Base04 Stone tables (Valley)04 Stone tables (Valley)
11 Training06 Stone tables (Jharkendar)
16 Stone tables (Khorinis)
43 Training

84 LP


Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4
Skinning pelts (5 LP)Elixir of Dexterity (20 LP)Dragon blood (3 LP)
Stealth (5 LP)Minecrawler plates (3 LP)Elixir of Strength (20 LP)
Lockpicking (10 LP)Shadow beast horns ( 3 LP)
Pickpocketing (10 LP)Stone table language (30 LP)

109 LP

Total: 465 LP

Additional information:

The chapter order of some of the skills is not entirely mandatory. You could for example focus more on One-handed skill and finish that up first, before going for Bow-skill. However some of the permanent bonuses (like Thekla’s Stew for example) are only available in the later chapters, so bear that in mind.

You are going to be a Dragon hunter which means you want to learn how to pull Shadow beast horns because there is going to be a quest to sell those to Buster on Onar’s farm. Each horn gives 300 EXP (as well as 300 gold) which realistically means that you are going to get those 3 LP back fairly soon. There are 9 Shadow beasts in Khorinis alone (more spawn in later chapters and you can also find some in Jharkendar and the Valley)

Minecrawler plates are entirely optional and only necessary if you want to get the armor (which is advisable in my opinion)

The other stuff is pretty much mandatory for completing the game or for say getting the Dragonhunter armor.

Also, make sure to have a properly optimized and enhanced Gothic 2 Installation with Spine

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