Stellaris: Dimensional Horror Guide

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If you have been thoroughly exploring your galaxy in Stellaris, you might eventually encounter the Dimensional Horror. With a name as scary as that, it is understandable that one would look for a guide to see what’s behind this monster and how to defeat it. This enigmatic monster that was introduced with the Leviathans DLC might give you quite the scare. Find out how to defeat it and what else there is to know about the Dimensional Horror in this guide.

How to kill the Dimensional Horror

The menacing Dimensional Horror

While its appearance and generally scary characteristics might imply that you need something special to defeat the Dimensional Horror, the truth is that you only need some good old firepower. In general, you will need a number of around 30k+ Fleet Power to kill the Dimensional Horror. This number heavily depends on your fleet composition, weapons, and technology, although 30k is usually what is considered solid for Leviathans. It might be that you need a little bit more. If you want to truly be sure and not think about technology and fleet composition, I recommend using 50k+ Fleet Power.


As for the fleet composition and technology: The Dimensional Horror cannot dodge your weapons. That means the biggest guns and the heaviest firepower you can muster will have the best effect. Additionally, the Dimensional Horror uses weapons that are very effective against armor, so using shields is recommended. You should also consider, that the Dimensional Horror will attack you from anywhere in the system once you enter it, so it is best to jump through the closest hyperlane. This range makes deciding on the fleet composition a little bit tricky. Corvettes are usually not long-range, which means a lot of your Corvettes would get shot down before even reaching a close range. The most important aspect is having long-range weapons to engage as quickly as possible.

The Dimensional Horror has an equal hull, shields, and armor, so relying on a Battleship fleet equipped with long-range weapons like the Kinetic Battery and X-Size Lance weapons is the key here. Auto-cannons and Plasma torpedos should also do well though.

Asking the curators

If you have discovered the Curator fallen empire, dealing with the Dimensional Horror and other Leviathan-type monsters becomes much easier. You can ask the Curators about any Leviathan (so-called “Guardians”) that you encounter and it will give you some information. You can also ask the Curator whether your current fleet would be strong enough to defeat it, which makes the process of adjusting weapons, composition, and tech much easier as you can just rely on their judgment. Lastly, you can also purchase a bonus, which will make the battle even easier, essentially saving you some resources.

Rewards for killing the Dimensional Horror

While it might be quite the hassle to deal with the Dimensional Horror, especially because it is (depending on your stage of the game) quite powerful and dangerous, the rewards are quite the package and make all this trouble definitely worth it. There are no specific interactions when you kill the Dimensional Horror, but it will leave a dimensional rift with a special project that needs to be researched.

It takes 140 days and gives the following rewards:

  • 4000-6000 Physics Research
  • 4000-6000 Society Research
  • The Jump Drive Technology will be unlocked with 50% progress if you have not already researched it.

Is it worth it?

Depending on the stage of your game it can become quite costly to deal with the Dimensional Horror. However, if you can muster up a fleet that can face this Leviathan, I would say it is definitely worth it. The research is quite impactful, especially early and if you want to go for the Jump Drive technology, you can grab it quickly and efficiently. Plus, you will free that system from the dangers of the Dimensional Horror and be able to claim it for yourself (if needed), as well as make your territory more secure. I would say it is worth it most of the time, but you should make sure that your fleet does not get decimated in the process.


  • Have at around 30.000 Fleet Power
  • Use shields as the Dimensional Horror has weak weapons against that
  • Try to use long-range weapons as the Dimensional Horror also has a huge range
  • Ask the curators for help and information if possible
  • Research the special project for juicy rewards


The Dimensional Horror is an intriguing, yet menacing encounter that will probably raise the need to quickly deal with it. Like many other Guardians, it can be quite the challenge to defeat it, but will also give you some solid rewards.

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