The Umbral Statue In Divinity 2

The encounter with the Umbral Statue in Divinity 2 is one, that can quickly become a real challenge if you walk in unprepared. Additionally, it is fairly mysterious and raises some questions about the dwarves behaviour.

If you are having trouble with the battle, this guide will offer you a couple of tips.

How to deal with the Umbral Statue

As mentioned, the fight can be quite challenging, especially if you walk in unprepared or from the wrong angle. Bear in mind that the dwarves are around level 10, and unless you know what you are doing, you should not try to fight them unless you have at least the same level. If you still have troubles, you might want to get one or two extra levels to make your live a little bite asier.

Try to not come in through the main gate, as you will quickly find yourself in a choke zone that will turn deadly. Most, if not all of the dwarves will be n immediate range to attack you and the ranged spells will affect most of your party in that position.

The best approach is to come from the high-ground in the ruins.

Best way to start the battle against the Umbral Statue

Coming from this angle will give you a valuable height advantage and make it possible to bombard the dwarves before they can reach your party. Additionally, the situation is now turned around. Now it is the dwarves who have to go through a “choke” of some sort as they will have to slowly climb up the wooden platforms. Those will make excellent areas for burning grounds or similar spells, as the dwarves will be forced to run through them.

Half of the mobs will need two full turns just to get close enough to you, while you can already kill the other half without having too many issues.

Does defeating the statue affect the battle?

The ominous Umbral Statue will have its own turn and use it to buff the dwarves, as well as bring in creepy phrases. It has a good chunk of HP and will offer some EXP if you defeat it. Killing it however will not end the battle.

Do the dwarves stop becoming possessed if you kill the Umbral Statue?

The short answer is no. The dwarves will still be possessed even if you kill the statue before the fight has ended. It appears that the statue is active even if you bring its HP down to 0, as the magic that affects the dwarves does not end.

Unfortunately, there is no way to save these dwarves and you will simply have to kill them Even if you kill the statue before starting the fight by using tactics such as sneak, once you start the battle, the possessed dwarves will attack you until you kill them.

However, focusing the statue can still be a good idea, as it keeps buffing the dwarves, making the fight much harder than necessary.


The Umbral Statue encounter can be ominous and also quite challenging, but as with many fights in Divinity 2 Original Sin, it is mostly about the approach and preparation you take.

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