Spreading Weeds in Stardew Valley

If you one day wake up on your farm and find yourself reading that the spreading weeds have caused damage to your farm, chances are that you will quickly storm out and look for said damage that has been caused. Sometimes, the damage might not be as obvious as one might think and it might be hard to find out where the weeds exactly have spread.

In any case, weeds can be a rather important resource in Stardew Valley, but require careful handling. Fail to use it properly and you might read yourself, that the Spreading Weeds Have Caused Damage To Your Farm.

When does “Spreading Weeds Have Caused Damage To Your Farm” appear?

The answer to that is as simple, as it might initially seem. Usually, you will see that literally every time weeds spread over to a tile that has any sort of structure or item placed by the player on it. This means that it doesn’t only trigger when it destroys crops, your fence, or any sort of structure, but also if it reaches something simple as a stone tile that you have manually placed on the floor.

The thing with weeds is, that they spread around more and more and don’t just stop after spreading to one tile. Failing to find the source of the message might become a bigger issue, as at some point the weeds might destroy something way more valuable than a simple stone tile. Losing your scarecrow (and subsequently maybe some of your crops) or even something valuable like an Iridium Sprinkler is entirely possible.

As such, knowing how to deal with Weeds and properly using them is a must.

Weeds Drop Rates

If you use any tool like a sword, a hoe, pickaxe, scythe or an axe, the weeds will have a chance to drop some items:

  • Fiber – 50% chance
  • Mixed seeds – 5% chance
  • Living Hat 0.001% chance

Now the mixed seeds might not be entirely useless, while the Living Hat will be exceptionally rare. The fiber however is going to be relatively common and you can easily factor it in. You need fiber as a resource for various crafting recipes, most notably for scarecrows or grass starters. The latter might be very crucial as a resource of food for your animals, so having extra fiber coming in from weeds might be very handy.

Using the weeds spawn to your advantage

If we look at the drop rates above, it will become quickly clear that getting more fiber might be very useful for us. If you happen to find a tile on your farm with weeds growing on it, it might be a good idea to think twice before removing it. If the weeds are far away from any crucial structures of your farm, you might want to consider leaving it there and letting it spread a bit in order to have more fiber at your disposal.

That being said, there are other ways of obtaining both mixed seeds and fiber, so it is not absolutely necessary. It is however a good boost particularly if you find yourself lacking grass for your animals and wanting to craft more grass starters.

Weeds in the mines and in winter

Lastly, you should know that weeds do not spawn in winter. They do spawn however in the Mines all year around, which you might have seen for yourself if you have delved inside in the past. As such, going for some runs in the mine to get more fiber by destroying underground weeds with your sword might be an alternative to letting them grow on your farm.

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