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If you are currently staring at a cursed item in your inventory and wondering how to remove it, chances are that it is probably a part of the Tyrant Set that you can gain in Act 1. So how do you deal with said curse? You probably have tried casting “Bless” on an item already, only to find out that this only works for cursed characters.

And are there other items that are cursed in Divinity 2? Beware of mild spoilers.

The Curse

The reason I know that you are looking at a part of the Tyrant Set is that it is (with one exception – see below) the only set that is cursed and such, the Tyrant pieces are the only items that are cursed. Contrary to the initial instinct, there is no inherent curse mechanic on Divinity 2 items. The curse is something specific to the Tyrant Set.

How to remove the curse in the Tyrant Set?

You cannot cast any spell or perform any specific action to remove the curse on a single Tyrant-set piece. The key to removing the curse is to simply find all the items of the set and equip them together. That is the whole gist of this set. Equipping them together will make the curse and as such the debuff disappear. If at any time you equip less than all 5 pieces, you will suffer from all the debuffs.

Where to find all the pieces of the Tyrant Set

We will refrain from giving an accurate guide to all the individual pieces to not spoil too much. You can find however a rough estimation of where each item can be found. You should also consider that you can get the whole set in Act 1.

  • Tyrant’s Stride (Legs)
    • On the Ancient passage, which is accessed through a hidden trap door under the ground floor of Fort Joy. You need to have 15 wits to trigger a dialogue near a statue.
  • Tyrant’s Helm (Helm)
    • In the Decreipt ruins, behind the cursed door.
  • Tracks of the Tyrant (Boots)
    • In the broken tower on the beach North-East of Fort Joy
  • Heart of the Tyrant (Chest)
    • In the Dark Cavern, in the Vault of Braccus Rex
  • Hands of the Tyrant (Hands)
    • In the Tower of Braccus Rex

Upgrading the Tyrant’s Helm

The Tyrant’s Helm has also a secret mechanic that can upgrade it inherent ability. If you use the helm’s purge skill three times, a skeleton named Krylr the Kettlegrinder will come out of the helmet and immediately start a dialogue.

Regardless of which dialogue option you choose, it will end in combat, so make sure you are prepared.

Beware that triggering the release of Krylr the Kettlegrinder also unequips your helmet. This means that you now are back to 4 pieces of the Tyrant set if you wore the whole set before which also means that you will suffer heavy curses in this combat.

To avoid this, it is advised to use the third purge cast with only the helmet (out of the set) equipped, thus avoiding your set-wearer from turning completely useful for the duration of the fight.

Once you defeat Krylr the Kettlegrinder, he will drop an uncorrupted version of the helm, which now has a new ability. Instead of Purge, you can now use Shackles of Pain. The helmet will still complete the Tyrant set and aid in removing the curses of the other pieces.

Statue of Braccus Rex in Divinity 2
Statue of Braccus Rex

Band of Braccus

There is one more cursed item that may have lead you to this guide. It is also related to Braccus Rex (like all the other Tyrant pieces) but works slightly differently.

First of all, you should know that the Ring is not related to the Tyrant set. It will not help removing the curses of Tyrant items, nor will its own curse be removed by wearing it with other Tyrant items.

In fact, the curse of the Band of Braccus cannot be removed. You can only cast Bless to counter-act the curse effect, but this will automatically unequip the Band of Braccus. This makes the Band of Braccus completely useless from a gear perspective. However, do not sell the ring as it serves a different purpose and you will need it in a different quest in the future (Spoilers ahead)

Finding use for the Band of Braccus

If you show this ring to the Gargoyles in the Gargoyle’s Maze on the southeast of the island, they will immediately teleport you to the end of the maze.


In conclusion, there is no curse mechanic for items in Divinity 2. All the curses you can see on items are related to Braccus Rex and revolve around his legacy. The Tyrant set however is very strong for Act 1 and quite effective, so you should consider gathering all the pieces for one of your characters.

Of course, the fact that you need to wear all the pieces at once shortens the time-frame of the set’s usefulness. You will eventually find better pieces and you are going to have to unequip the whole set once you replace one part of your set. Keep that in mind when you decide to use the Tyrant’s set.

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