Antichamber Guide (Spoiler Free!)

In this Antichamber Guide, I want to quickly outline a few tips and tricks, as well as provide a picture of the completed map to help you navigate. Beware that even a little bit of help can alter the unique experience that Antichamber has to offer. However, if you are stuck and need some guidance, you can consult this guide, and it is as spoiler free as possible.

Antichamber: The completed map

Antichamber completed map

The way it works is that unfinished puzzles will appear larger on your personal map than others. Feel free to use this map as reference for your own exploration. The only thing it does is tell you if there is still something left unexplored in your own game state.

Bear in mind, that there are plenty of rooms that are optional. In fact, you can finish the game without completing every single puzzle as the end-game-area does not require you to solve every puzzle.

Dead Ends & Secret Rooms

Some puzzles that are dead ends do not indicate whether you have actually solved them or not. In addition, some rooms can be considered secret rooms because they are not visible on the map. This makes completing every single room Antichamber has to offer extra difficult, because you cannot be entirely sure on whether you have actually cleared every single room. This guide cannot offer you any extra guidance in this regard. You will just have to explore yourself and see what you can and cannot find.

Antichamber rules of thumb and guidelines

Many puzzles in Antichamber will require thinking outside the box, or finding a different approach to your problem. Their solution will rely solely on your ability to think and will not require any additional tools.

However, other a significant amount of puzzles will require guns that have an intuitive use. There are many guns and their use and effect is indicated by their color. Usually, the puzzles will somehow share that color and indicate that you are going to have to use the gun somehow to solve it.

Make sure to explore unknown areas first. A general rule of Antichamber is that you are going to explore new places until you either find a dead-end or a puzzle that you cannot solve at the moment.

Remember that the laws of Antichamber are different. Your perspective and the world around you will often-times change only by walking at different speed or turning around and changing your view.

Gun types

Blue gun

You will have to connect two blue cubes with your gun, and they will stay connected. You can manipulate your surroundings by using these cubes. They will stop moving objects, activate sensors, or serve as a stair or a platform that you have built yourself.

As a spoiler-free tip, you can find the Blue gun easily and it is among the first puzzles you will encounter. However, it will require some unconventional puzzle-solving.

Green gun

In order to get the Green gun you will already need to have unlocked the Blue gun, as there are puzzles that require blue cubes to solve.

The Green gun works a little bit differently. If you place cubes in a closed loop (say a rectangle), it’s insides will fill up automatically and generate more Cube. This means you can raise the amount of cubes you have and find different approaches to solving puzzles this way. This filling up process takes some time and if you break the loop, the cubes will regress.

Yellow gun

The Yellow gun gives you the ability to move matter without picking it up and loading it into your gun. By the point you reach this gun, you will already have encountered countless puzzles where this function will prove incredibly useful.

Red gun

The Red gun allows the multiplication of Cubes with absolute ease. Basically, you point at a place and create a wall that grows as your gun fires at it. You can also collect cubes from a single point (basically sucking them in). You only need two Cubes to multiply your number as high as you wish.

There is one more Gun in the game, called the Black gun. However, this Gun does not actually improve your ability at solving puzzles. It is related to ending the game and as such will not be described here as that would be too much of a spoiler


Remember, this game is all about exploring yourself. The urge to spoiler yourself can be strong at times, but beware that you might be destroying your experience this way. This Antichamber guide aims to reduce the chance of that happening while still offering some guidance.

If you haven’t played the game yet or are unsure, consider reading my review of Antichamber.

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