The Ultimate Outward How-To Guide

The point of this guide is to be an in-depth guide to everything related to Outward and become a resource for players looking for quick answers to different questions. Every “How to” in this guide is focused on different issues and provides simple and quick answers to problems or questions people might be having. Please refer to the Table Of Content to quickly find whatever information you are looking for. The guide will receive continuous updates. If you are new to the game and are looking for some tips, refer to the Outward Beginner guide.

How to unlock mana in Outward

The first optional step you can take to unlock mana is to talk to Helmi in Cierzo and ask him about ways to obtain mana. After that, you need to go to the Conflux Mountain. Conflux Mountain is the big mountain in the middle of the Chersonese region and is visible from almost anywhere in the area.

How to find the Conflux Paths in Outward

Once you reach the area, you need to enter one of three different Conflux Paths. You can choose whichever you want but the easiest one is the Conflux Path for the Holy Mission of Elatt. The dungeon requires plenty of preparation so make sure you have everything you need to for a long expedition.

At the end of each path, you will find the Conflux Chambers and subsequently Ley Line which is what you interact with to obtain mana. You need to sacrifice 5 Stamina and 5 Health to gain 20 Mana. Doing so will also teach you the spell “Spark”. Additionally, you can then talk to First Watcher and receive an extra reward. You can choose between “Sigil Of Fire” and
“Reveal Soul”, although both can be found through other means.

Conflux chambers

How to restore your mana and max mana

Mana is a little bit different from the other two main stats (health & stamina). You recover your mana by consuming potions and consumables that regenerate mana. Mana can also be recovered by sleeping, but this will reduce your maximum amount of mana.

You recover your max mana by casting spells (it is only a small amount though) or by consuming one of the following:

  • Astral Potion
  • Great Astral Potion
  • Soothing Tea (Water, Seaweed)
  • Crystal Powder (Crushing 4 Mana Stones)

How to cure diseases in Outward

First of all, you need to understand that diseases are permanent negative status effects. They do not go away by themselves and you need to find a cure first. There are three types of diseases in Outward. Those are:

  • Cold
  • Indigestion
  • Infection

Cure Cold

As the name suggests, you get this by being too cold for too long a time. A cold which gives a -15% to -30% penalty to stamina regeneration and a chance to cough, which interrupts any action you are taking.

You cure cold if you sleep for 10 or more hours in a row. Acute cold (the worse condition) requires a total of 16 hours of sleep. In addition you can drink any of the following drinks (ingredients are in parentheses):

  • Boiled Dreamer’s Root (Dreamer’s Root)
  • Fungal Cleanser (Woolshroom, Mushroom, Ochre Spice Beetle)
  • Seared Root (Smoke root)
  • Soothing Tea (Water, Seaweed)
  • Turmmip Potage (3x Turmmip, Salt)

Cure Indigestion

You get an Indigestion by eating the wrong thing. The list is big, but think of uncooked food or stuff like food waste. The effect is that you get a 40% to 80% chance of vomiting when eating, which essentially wastes whatever food you were consuming.

Can be cured by sleeping for 12 hours in a row (not with the Acute version). Also by drinking:

  • Fungal Cleanser (Woolshroom, Mushroom, Ochre Spice Beetle)
  • Mineral Tea (Water, Gravel Beetle)
  • Needle Tea (Water Cactus Fruit)

Cure Infection

The most dangerous diseases. The effect is that you lose 3% to 10% Health per minute. Infections come in three levels (normal, acute, and extreme). You get an infection by being attacked/bitten by the wrong monsters, namely Hyenas.


  • Bitter Spicy Tea (Water, Ochre Spice Beetle)
  • Boiled Miasmapod (Miasmapod)
  • Fungal Cleanser (Woolshroom, Mushroom, Ochre Spice Beetle)
  • Pungent Paste (Egg, Ochre Spice Beetle, Fish)

How to attach a lantern to a backpack and refill it

In order to attach your lantern to your backpack, you will need a Nomad backpack. Simply moving your lantern from your personal inventory to the backpack inventory will attach it to the backpack.

You refill your lantern by adding the empty lantern to your crafting screen and adding some Thick oil. You can buy this from vendors.

How to buy a house in Outward in each town

The first town Cierzo already has a house that is owned by the player. It is the Lighthouse, as you know it from your playthrough. You can however, also buy houses in each other city if you have progressed through enough of the factions quest line.

How to buy a house in Berg

To buy the House in Berg you will need to either join the Blue Chamber Collective or complete any faction quest line. If either of the two conditions are met, an NPC named House Seller Karin will appear in front of the house and sell it to you for 500 silver.

How to buy a house in Levant

To buy the house in Levant, similar rules apply. Either finish the quest line of one of the other factions in Outward, or join the Heroic Kingdom. However, you will need to progress through the Heroic Kingdom faction questline, specifically until you reach the quest “Blood Under The Sun”. You will receive the house as a quest reward if you succeed, or be able to buy it for 500 silver if you fail the quest. The Levant house has a shortcut to the Undercity passage installed.

How to buy a house in Monsoon

The rules to the Monsoon player house are the same as with the house in Berg. Either finish the questline of another faction, or join the Holy Order. The price is 500 silver as with all the other houses. The Monsoon house comes with a rooftop garden that has various plants for you to gather.

How to play Co-op in Outward

Playing Split-screen Co-op in Outward is simple. You can either create a save-file for two players when you start a game, or you can simply press the “Start split” button while ingame and initiate the Split-screen mode.

If you want to play online, the host has to create an Online game from the pause menu and choose a room name, that the other player can enter to join the game.

Bear in mind that playing Co-op in Outward comes with a couple of rule changes. Enemies will have more health, more Impact and Impact Resistance as well as a slight damage increase.

Additionally, the player that joins the host is essentially a “guest” in this world. Items can be shared at will, but quests and quest progression will only affect the character of the host. Items that are placed in the world (such as the water skin you can find in Cierzo) will only be there once and can be picked up by any player. Additionally, the joining player will simply be ported to the position of the host. If the joining player leaves the Co-op session, he will be ported back to his original position in his own world.

How to earn tribal favor in Outward

If you are faced with the first quest in the game and are having issues fielding the money required to save your own house, there is a shortcut. You can earn tribal favor from one of Cierzo’s denizens and can skip paying the blood price that is causing you so much trouble.

There are actually multiple so-called Writs of Tribal Favor to be earned, but the easiest one to gain is from Michel Aberdeen. You can find Michel Abardeen wounded at the beach outside of Cierzo. Giving him bandages will save his life and he will give you a Writ of Tribal Favor as a reward. Simply deliver this to Risa Aberdeen and you will not have to pay the price of 150 silver.

By the way, there are other tribal favors you can earn as you continue playing and advancing in the main quest line.

How to leave Cierzo

If you have just started the game and you are trying to leave the city, a mean guard called Burac will not allow you to leave, saying you are not prepared enough to survive the wild.

In order to convince Burac, you will need the following three items:

  • A waterskin (find one by the water purifier)
  • A bedroll (find one in your Lighthouse)
  • Any weapon (you can find plenty of weapons in Cierzo lying around)

Alternatively, if you want to leave anyway, you can take the door to the Storage Area in Cierzo. Simply go across the bridge in the docks area below your Lighthouse. The Storage area is actually a small dungeon with a little bit of loot and some enemies. Jumping the small cliff in the cave will allow you to exit Cierzo and arrive at the beach outside. Beware though, that leaving Cierzo without actually talking to Burac will forfeit the free weapon skill that he can teach you. So make sure to do that first.

How to escape prison in Outward

You can find yourself imprisoned either by talking to the wrong people or being defeated around in the Vendavel fortress. In order to escape the prison, you can choose one of two ways.

The first and easier way is to find the hole in the room with multiple iron veins. There will be a wooden ledge with which you can interact. Doing so will open a dialogue asking you, whether you truly want to leap down. After that, your character can take the plunge into the Hole and you will wake up somewhere east of the fortress.

The second way is to either bribe or defeat the guards. Bribing them will cost you 30 silver and will require some work as you are stripped of your items and have no silver on you. You can earn silver by mining or doing work for other NPCs inside the prison. Defeating them on the other hand will (realistically) require you to get your gear back.

You can convince the guards to let you help out in other ways than mining which will lead to the hallway of the prison and subsequently to a chest where all your belongings are stored. It is recommended to do this regardless of which way you choose, as this is the only way to get your gear back, once imprisoned.

How to activate each Wind Altar in Outward

Wind Altar Cheronese

There are a total of five Wind Altars, one for each area (including the DLC area). You will need to activate the Wind Altar in an area to be able to cast Cabal Skills. You can simply activate them by walking towards them and pressing the appropriate action button (“F” on PC)

Chersonese Wind Altar

Find it in the northern area of the Map, after the Ghost Pass. The “Cabal of the Wind” map marker is not entirely accurate as it is slightly to the south from the marker.

Hallowed Marsh Wind Altar

Find it right at the Pilgrim Road as you come from the South (from Chersonese). It is marked on the map.

Enmerkar Forest Wind Altar

This one is the trickiest. It is actually inside Berg. Go towards the southern entrance. There is a ramp at the end of the stairs behind the tree stump. Follow that path and you will find the Altar.

Abrassar Wind Altar

Look for the Map Marker at the north side of the map, near the Walled Garden. Cross the bridge north of the Walled Garden to find the Abrassar Wind Altar.

Antique Plateau Wind Altar

Find the Cabal of Winds Temple to the East of the map and look for a lone path to the east. You just have to walk through it and find the Altar at the end of it. Beware that the path is full of corruption.

How to deploy an Alchemy Kit

You might feel silly after finding out how to do it, but it is fairly simple. You need to place the Alchemy Kit over a lit campfire, just like with the cooking pot.

How to access the Soroboreans DLC

You do not need to start a new game if you have bought the Soroboreans DLC after already playing with your character. You would only need to start a new character if you have already joined a faction and want to join the DLC faction.

To access the DLC content, simply find the Soroborean Caravaneer. There is one in each major city. Just talk to the NPC and ask them to take you to the DLC city Harmattan. It will cost you 200 silver and 2-4 travel rations.

Attention: If you have purchased the DLC after creating your character, the Soroborean Caravaneer will not take you to Harmattan, saying they are currently not going anywhere. You will need to wait for three days before being able to go.

How to get rid of fireflies in Outward

While the fireflies might look cool the first time you see them, they can quickly become very annoying. In order to get rid of them, you have to walk towards a huge firefly eating flower that will devour them for you. They will also drop Firefly dust afterwards which can be fairly useful.

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