Elex Companion Guide: How to find and recruit all Companions

Companions in Elex are characters that you meet in your adventures in Magalan and that will follow you if you can convince them. The combat system of Elex can be frustrating at times and the world is a dangerous place, making companions excellent followers that will aid you in your adventures.

This guide will go through every companion that is available, explain how to get them, and show their strengths and weaknesses.


Arx Icon

Arx is an Alb separatist who – like you – got kicked out for not being “enough”, roughly at the same time as Jax. He does however still believe in the values of the Alb’s and he thinks that the separatists are weak and incompetent. Arx ist still heavily influenced by Elex and the subsequent absence of emotion.

How to find Arx

Arx Map Location

You can find Arx in a small hut close to the domed city. Ideally, you start at the farm teleporter close to Abessa and take the path to the east. There is a huge road leading up to the domed city, where you will eventually find a small hut that resembles a bus station. Arx will be inside there and approach you as soon as you are in range.

Arx Picture in the building

Recruiting Arx

As soon as you talk to Arx, tell him the truth about your fate and how you have failed your mission. He will like you a little bit more. Next, tell him that he was a loyal soldier and he will like that too. Ultimately, Arx will tell you of his plan to kill his pursuers and simply offer you his help. You can recruit him then and there if you promise to help him with his pursuers. Arx claims that he can read the minds of the severed heads.

Arx Companion Missions

There are 5 missions that you can do with and for Arx. The first one is already completed as you recruit him and solely consists of that abovementioned dialogue.

  • An Outcast Alb
  • Heads Must Roll
  • A Feast
  • Arx’s Preparations
  • The Main Entrance


Caja Icon

Caja is a Berserker with extremely powerful magical abilities. Her connection to Elex is so strong, that she can sense it and claims to be able to communicate with it. Caja is one of the two romance options available in Elex.

How to find and recruit Caja

Caja Map Location

Caja is located in the domed city, specifically at the north side of the city. You can find her standing next to a wall and talk to her. You can eventually talk to her about her connection to Elex and the issues she has with it, and subsequently ask her to join you. This will trigger the first quest “Chosen” where you will meet close to the main gate and will start searching for Elex deposits.

Caja Companion Missions

There are a total of missions to complete with Caja, although some of them can be considered sub-missions. Mind that some of them will only be available for progression when you have played through more of the main story.

  • Chosen
  • Light Whispering
  • New Findings
  • Strength of Will
  • A Balancing Act
  • Conclusion
  • More than Just Friends

C.R.O.N.Y. U4

Crony Icon

CRONY U4 is a rather unusual companion as it is just a drone. Finding and recruiting CRONY U4 is slightly different from other companions. You can find CRONY U4 at the Pits to the south-west of Goliet. Talking to him will reveal that he is damaged and you can initialize the repairs-protocol which will trigger the first companion quest and will make CRONY U4 fly to a repair-station.

Recruiting CRONY U4

As mentioned, recruiting CRONY U4 means completing his follower missions by repairing the drone compeltely.

  • A Half Defective Tin Can
    • Maintenance Protocol
    • You Have to Do Everything Yourself
    • A New Control Unit
  • New Weapon Systems


Duras Icon

Duras is the first companion and even the first NPC you ever talk to in the game. He will be around the Old Observatory close to Jax’s crash site and will Jax to follow him to Goliet. Duras is relatively friendly and does not judge you for your past. His mission is to find new recruits for the Berserkers.

How to find and recruit Duras

Duras Map Location

After following him to Goliet (or if you went to the city without him), you will find Duras standing in front of the hotel ruins. You can talk to him there which will trigger the first of his companion quests, Tooth for a Tooth. Duras has a task for you, saying he cannot deal with it himself. You will have to figure out who the murderer of the Berserker Askor is.

You are going to have to interrogate various other Berserkers to find out who the culprit is, while reporting to Duras regularly. Eventually, you will find out that Duras himself is the murderer and will have to decide on his fate. Ratting him out to Ragnar will trigger a fight to the death and make him unavailable as a companion. Lying for Duras on the other hand (he will say that he killed Askor in self-defense) will allow you to recruit him as a companion.

Duras has no additional companion missions as this one is already very elaborate.


Falk Icon

Falk is an acolyte of the clerics and relatively hard to find if you do not come across him by chance as you complete one of the story quests. He is one of the companions that is on his own mission and in fact, he has a secret that you will discover as you complete the companion missions. Its nothing groundbreaking story-wise, but it is a nice surprise if you cannot guess it in the meantime.

How to find and recruit Falk

Falk Map Location

Falk is situated on top of the converter in Edan. As such, it is rather hard to find him if you do not have the specific quest as the converter itself is full of enemies and should rather be avoided in the early game.

The converter is rather easy to find as it is visible from far away and features its own teleporter. If you still have trouble refer to the map or simply walk to the north from Goliet or the “Small Camp” teleporter. Additionally, there is a quest that you receive in Goliet from Jora called “Elex Supplies” that sends you to the converter.

Recruiting Falk is as easy as with all the other companions. Simply talk to him and in the course of your dialogue you can ask him to join you.

Falk Companion Missions

Falk has a couple of companion missions all related to the electronics, and if you keep your eyes open and be mindful of the dialogue, you will probably find out why exactly he needs those.

  • A Cleric Traveling Alone
  • Danger Ahead
  • Electrical Technology for Falk
    • Gaurudium Metal
    • A High Capacity CPU
    • A Hydraulic Joint
    • A Miniature Elex Battery
    • A Highly Sensitive Sensor Module
  • Random Access Memory


Nasty Elex Companion Icon

Nasty is one of the companion candidates that can be found with the Outlaws and has a strong character. She is always looking for a challenge or a fight and is considered a capable military commander. She is the Duke of Tavar’s (Logan) twin sister and aided him in his rebellion against the old leaders of the Outlaws.

Nasty is as the name suggests rather nasty herself and will usually like it when you are unfriendly or harsh to other people. She is also one of the two romance options in the game.

Finding and recruiting Nasty

Finding Nasty is easy as she is simply in the Fort of Tavar. However, recruiting her is a little bit more complicated.

At first, she will refuse to talk to you and simply ignore you, which will only change after you do a couple of missions in the fort. Eventually, she request a talk with Jax and initiates the “Angry Girl” companion mission. Essentially, she requires you to partake in a couple of fights against monsters. Be careful, as these are very tough and require a strong character. Initiating the dialogue will port you to the fighting area.

Eventually, you will have to fight a big, dangerous monster called El Colosaro, which is the ultimate challenge and will convince Nasty to join you as a companion.

Nasty Companion Missions

Nasty’s companion missions revolve around her boredom and her search for proper challenges at first. Later on, it is all about dealing with her background and her past with the Outlaws. Eventually, she will also contract a disease which will require your attention.

  • Angry Girl
  • The Greatest Challenge
  • Back Home
  • Salvation
  • Playing with Fire


Elex Ray Icon

Ray is another outlaw companion that can be recruited rather easily and uncomplicated. He is however a special character in our past, as he was the one who robbed us of our belongings when Jax initially got “executed” in the beginning of the game. You can of course ask him about Jax’s equipment but he will simply tell you that he has already sold it and its gone.

Finding and recruiting Ray

Ray Map Location

Ray is located in front of the Sandy Pines hotel. Recruiting him is simple, as you only have to offer him your help. Ray is being tracked by bounty hunters and needs help figuring out who took out a contract on him. Offering him your help will automatically start the companion quest “For a handful shards” and recruit him.

Ray Companion Missions

A lot of the companion missions are about this bounty that is set on Ray. However, additionally there are some secrets that he will reveal as you continue the main story.

  • A Crafty Crook
  • For a Handful of Shards
    • Follow Ray into the Fort
    • Contract on an Outlaw
    • A Price on Ray’s Head
    • A Popular Man
    • The Distributor
    • Leo, the Brave
    • Mason, the Smart
    • Bomby, the Defiant
    • Jackson, the Brain
      • Jackson’s Missing Man
    • On Behalf of W.
      • A Cleric on the Run
  • Pact with the Devil


All companions that you have recruited will eventually hang out in the “Camp in the center” that you unlock as you play through the game. In there, you can pick any companion you want to take with you, proceed with their companion missions or send your current companion back to the camp.

It is important to note that there is no real ranking when it comes to companions. Their skills and abilities are randomly generated at the start of the game, but usually their strength will never be groundbreaking. They are however extremely useful as meatshields and distractions for your enemies, particularly when you fight groups of monsters.

The AI of companions can sometimes mess up, which will make them simply stand by and watch you as you get your face kicked in by some monster. That can be frustrating but it is managable as you simply have to run around until your companion is sufficiently aggro’d by the monster.

Nonetheless, companions are important both for the gameplay and the story development. They are a nice addition that rounds up the questing in Elex and they will improve the lonely exploration missions our hero Jax undertakes with their presence.

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