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If you are currently going through the Lady o’ War quest, chances are that you will eventually face the dreaded Cloaked Figure and it’s Fiery Malediction on board the Lady Vengeance.

Given that this is one of the most challenging counters one has probably faced thus far, it is no wonder players are struggling.

Fiery Malediction

Among the other enemies you will face, the Cloaked Figure will use Fiery Malediction on your characters, perhaps sending you into panic mode. How to get rid of it? You can’t. The only solution is to sit it out. It will go away in two turns, but unfortunately not before dishing out some heavy fire damage.

What you can do however is prepare accordingly. Knowing that the Cloaked Figure will use said spell is already a big advantage. Make sure to keep your characters away from it, or perhaps send a fire-resistant tank character into close range so it gets targeted first. Fiery Malediction is very much a ticking bomb. You are going to have to try to focus on the Navigator Dallis instead. While neither Dallis nor the Cloaked Figure can be killed, bringing Dallis below 400 HP will effectively end the encounter, so that will be your goal.

Dealing with the aftermath of Fiery Malediction

If one of your characters ends up getting Fiery Malediction, you should know how it will turn out after the 2nd turn has passed. After receiving the aforementioned big damage hit, your character will be affected by necrofire. The only way to deal with it is to use one of the clearing spells Mass Cleanse Wounds or Bless.

If you cannot do anything about it, you will just have to try to tank it while either holding out or focusing on Dallis as mentioned above.

General tips for the encounter

As mentioned above, you should either prepare a cleansing spell for Fiery Malediction or have a fire-resistant character (ideally a tank) to be able to distract the Cloaked Figure.

Decide on a single strategy: either focus on defending Malady until she casts her spell, or try to burst down Dallis as quickly as possible.

Generally, defending Malady is the less challenging approach, but dealing with Dallis instead is going to net you more experience, as well as a weapon that will spawn next to the Lady Vengeance. If you choose to do that, remember that Dallis is standing far away and will need some sort of strategy in order to approach her. You can opt to use range weapons and try to get close to her or use a teleportation spell to get her close to your party.

One good strategy is to teleport her into the middle (where the corpses are) while preparing to use the ship’s ballista on her. it is worth noting that the ballista on the opposite side of the deck does 10 times as much damage as the closest two. Combining these Ballista shots with a Dallis who has been ported to the middle is super effective (900 piercing damage).

Finishing the quest

Once you get through the encounter either by surviving long enough or by defeating Dallis, Malady will finish her spell, which will teleport your whole party to the Hall of Echoes, leading to the quest Into The Hall of Echoes.

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  1. GrummanLady

    Actually I found it easiest to let the person getting Fiery Malediction make a run for the harpoon. They stay isolated after that and the far harpoon are game changers!
    Secondly, teleport Malady onto the upper mast pole, then you have to simply guard the ladder to prevent the attack. Also. Posting characters near there gives ample use of Attck of Opportunity as they try to get to Malady.
    Good luck.

    1. gamerofpassion

      Thanks for the feedback! I might incorporate that into the guide!

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