5 Games like Antimatter Dimensions

Antimatter Dimensions new design interface

In the Idle Game sphere, the game Antimatter Dimensions is probably one of the top contenders for the most interesting and unique games. Its mechanics are manyfold and unfold even wider as the game progresses. The community does well to celebrate a title like this and there is probably plenty more to say in favor of Antimatter Dimensions. But since you are looking for games that are similar to Antimatter Dimensions, you probably already know why it is so awesome.

This article will give you a couple of alternatives that scratch the same itch and will probably entertain you just as well as Antimatter Dimensions does. The underlying factor here will be the production mechanics of the games, which are all the same in this particular arch-type of an idle game.
Polynomial growth as it is called is (in this case) the idea of having one building, and then another building that produces the total amount of first buildings, a third one that produces the second, and so on.

Derivate Clicker

Derivative Clicker has quite the clear structure
A clear interface, that is easy to udnerstand

Derivate Clicker is probably one of the most straightforward executions of the concept that makes Antimatter Dimensions so interesting. One might even say that it is the original game that defines the Archetype, and I tend to agree. As the name suggests, there is still clicking involved as you progress through the game’s first stages, but it quickly goes past that as you build more and more 2nd and higher tier buildings.
The interesting concept about Derivative Clicker is that it has a prestige mechanic (meaning a “soft-reset” that gives you an additional currency) that will slowly drive you towards more and more automation, as you purchase auto-upgrades and auto-level-ups.
Additionally, there is a time element on Derivative Clicker that increases the speed of everything. The game is insanely fun and taps into the same concepts as Antimatter Dimensions, although it does not go through as many shifts in gameplay as AM.
On the flip side, it leans way more heavily into the aspect of exponential growth. Each of the multiple production trees that you have will have more and more advanced tier buildings that produce the one before it.

Second Derivate Clicker

2nd Derivative Clicker looks much more complicated
2nd Derivative Clicker has a couple of new things

What can I say about this one, except that it is like the first one but with more content? If you have played Derivative Clicker and feel like you haven’t gotten enough, this game is for you. I would absolutely recommend this game, but really only for people who have played the first title. Second Derivate Clicker is a little bit more complicated and has even more production trees than the first iteration. As such, the content can feel a little bit overwhelming in the beginning.
From a quality standpoint, there is not much to criticize. Second Derivate Clicker does exactly what the first one does, except that it is on a larger scale. If you (like me) didn’t get enough from the first title, check this one out.

Swarm Simulator

Swarm Simulator interface
Swarmsim slowly expands it’s functions

If producing the building that produces the currency is the main pull for you, Swarm Simulator is probably the best title. A game that reminds one of the Zerg of Starcraft, you start out by building some drones that produce meat. More meat means more drones and eventually, you get the ability to build a queen which will hatch your drones. You can sacrifice queens to increase drone production and so on.
Additionally, there are other aspects in the game such as an excellent “territory” mechanic where you have to get additional territory with other insects to increase the efficiency of your normal troops.
Lastly, the prestige mechanic is relatively unique in this list and is great fun, although it takes quite a while to reach this stage. You will be able to cast spells, buy upgrades, and so on. I am not going to spoil too much here.
The whole flavor of insect-like structures really makes this game extra fun and shows that Incremental games are not only about numbers (although mainly it is!)

True Exponential

An intimidating opener, but you can get into it easily

True Exponential is by far the most complicated-looking game on this list and the initial impression will probably deter most of the non-math-accustomed players immediately. The thing is, even though it does look complicated, it works like any other incremental game and once you get the hang of the production, it will suddenly become very interesting.
True Exponential is probably one of the deepest games on this list and will have a lot to unpack and also a lot of fun. It is also one that should not be spoiled too hard and as such, I am going to have to stay light on the information. My advice is to simply try it and try to go through the first confusing part until you properly understand what you are doing. It is very well worth it.

The Prestige Tree

A tree, as the name suggessts

The last title of this list is also the biggest and probably most promising title of them all. Frankly speaking, the Prestige Tree deserves a complete article of its own, but it still shouldn’t miss this list. It is one of the most creative approaches to this concept and it is extremely fun.
If you feel like you have played through all the iterations of mechanics similar to Antimatter Dimensions, if you still want to improve the production of your base building but go in a completely different direction then Prestige Tree is for you.

Personally, I was a little bit deterred in the first seconds of trying the game out and felt like it looks a little bit too complicated, or more like it would take simply too much time to understand. On second thought though, after randomly stumbling upon it again, I decided to stick around and see what the fuss is all about, and boy did I not regret it. Not only is Prestige Tree one of the more creative titles in the Incremental Games sphere for quite a while, it is also insanely fun and keeps you on your feet for a long time.

Incidentally, The Prestige Tree is probably the incremental game that has the biggest amount of mods out there. There are way over a dozen mods of The Prestige Tree, some being deeper and even more interesting than the original itself. You should still play the base game first to understand it and also appreciate any and all other mods you try out afterward.

If you don’t know which of the various types of The Prestige Tree you should try, the answer is The Prestige Tree Rewritten. It is basically the base game with some upgrades and can be considered a mod too, but it is from the creator of The Prestige Tree and is widely regarded as the base game.


Antimatter Dimensions is probably one of the best incremental games out there, and with its accessibility (playable on phone, browser, etc.) it is probably also one of the more successful ones. These games, however, are real contenders and absolutely deserve to be given a chance.
My advice is to simply try them all out and see which one you like (the most).

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